Saturday, December 27, 2008


A few days ago we celebrated Christmas...The Boss Lady had everyone over for Christmas Eve dinner at our house. I wasn't too thrilled with this as there were little kids running around and a lot of people I didn't know. The Boss Lady didn't make me interact with them though and let me stay in my crate with a yummy kong stuffed with peanut butter. Limerick got to stay in the crate next to me 'cause he gets a little too revved up when kids are running around. Dublin got to stay out though because he can handle it. He was working the crowd like a pro and getting lots of treats from the table when people thought the Boss Lady wasn't looking.

After things had calmed down a little bit, the Boss Lady had one of her young nieces sit quietly next to my crate and drop treats in for me. I really liked that. I felt safe in my crate so I didn't have to give my "I'm a big scary dog - stay away!!" bark. Since the little girl was so calm and wasn't looking at me, I was happily eating all the treats she gave me. Limerick did get a little jealous though, so the Boss Lady gave him another kong and he was happy.

The next day was Christmas and the Boss Lady's parents came over for Christmas breakfast. Lim and I stayed in the crate for the first part so we could be calm and relaxed. Dublin was working the crowd again and managed to get more tidbits handed to him from the parent's breakfast plates.

Here's a picture of Dublin. He's looking so happy because he spent the morning getting bacon fed to him by the Boss Lady's mom!

Once breakfast was over, we got to open presents! I didn't say anything to the Boss Lady, but I was kinda worried that Santa Paws wasn't going to be able to find me as this isn't my forever home...but I am happy to report that I was worried for nothing! All us dogs got some yummy treats and the catz got a fancy-smancy new kitty condo!

Hmmm...this looks like fun!

Darwin's playing sneak attack!

Ummm...can I come in and play with you?

I tried to get in it to play with them....

...but I couldn't fit.

What do I do now, Boss Lady?

I was starting to get in a funk because I couldn't play with the kittens when they were in their snazzy new house, but the Boss Lady had a big surprise for me...I had one more present! Isn't is the bestest toy ever?!? My special friend Noah sent it to me.

I tried to get the Boss Lady to play with me, but she was busy taking pictures.

So then I hit up the Boss Lady's dad. He's always up for a good play session
(is it just me,or does the Boss Lady's dad look an awful lot like Santa Paws...?)

After all the present opening hoopla was over, it was time to chill and nap. I was sad because the Boss Lady said I had to rest for a bit before I could play with my new toy some more.

Dublin was very worried because Fossil decided to curl up next to Dublin's toy gorilla...and Dublin was too scared to take it from her!

I said I would try to get it from her....

But then she spotted me...

and I was foiled...

Darwin decided to steal the Boss Lady's chair for a nap when she got up to put Limerick in the crate for his nap.

Newton said she got quite enough beauty sleep last night

So she decided to use this time for a grooming session...

Darwin thought this was a wonderful idea.

Pokey evidently had too much catnip, so he was just chillin' for a while.

...and I was patiently waiting unil it was time to play with my toy again...

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