Thursday, December 11, 2008


I have two pieces of important news:

First, I discovered that the pine tree in the house is definitely not to be used for pee breaks. The Boss Lady couldn't have been more clear on this point. I'm still not really sure why we have a tree in the house, though, especially as it doesn't come with any squirrels. I asked Dublin and Limerick what the deal was, but they just said "humans are weird sometimes, just go with the flow" then Dublin added, "By the way, don't go under the tree." I thought that was odd advice as I quite like lounging under the trees that are outside...but then I found out what Dublin meant. The older cats like to hang out under the tree and get quite cranky if you invade their space - and like the Boss Lady, they too, frown upon any dog peeing on the tree. Okay then, point taken.

Second, I had my one month check-up with the surgeon yesterday and he said my shoulder was healing very well - and ahead of schedule. I only had a second to enjoy this praise before I realized that the surgeon and the Boss Lady were scheduling my second surgery for this morning! Yikes - Talk about quick! So I head into surgery this morning for my second operation; this time it is my left shoulder that is being operated on. I won't be back home until Friday evening...I hope the kittens don't steal my bed while I am gone...

Oh, I almost forgot! The Boss Lady wanted me to thank the kind souls who donated to NEBCR in my name to help pay for my surgeries. We really appreciate the help and I am ever so grateful for this chance to run and play like other dogs my age.

We still have a loooooong way to go, though, to raise enough to cover the costs of both surgeries, so anyone who is interested can donate here

Wish me luck!


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