Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Spring cleaning

This weekend I helped the Boss Lady do some Spring Cleanin' as it was the big city-wide "let's throw everythin' out" weekend. We spent a lot of time in the garage (ie the place where the magic white food dispensin' box lives). I've never been in the garage before - it has lots and lots of stuff that I've never seen or sniffed. And while it all looked different, surprisingly, most of it seemed to be named "heythatisnotadogtoy".

Dublin and Limerick spent a good part of the day chillin' under the shade tree - not me though, I am a good helper and I hung out with the Boss Lady the whole time. I was determined to help her empty the garage. She kept sayin' that we were supposed to be cleaning out the garage, not emptying out the garage.

Eh. You say tomato, I say..

I didn't see much of a distinction between the two, so I happily helped the Boss Lady by draggin' stuff out into the yard for her to go through. I must have made a really good helper 'cause the Boss Lady said she was going to change my name to "Clepto".

Um, that's a compliment, right?

Breckin, Emptier-Outer Extraordinaire

Friday, April 24, 2009


I have a few secrets to tell....turns out, I actually *do* like to play fetch. I've been playin' fetch for weeks now with the Boss Lady's dad whenever he and I hang out...but don't tell the Boss Lady - I don't want to hurt her feelings. See, I only like to play fetch when there are no other dogs around. When other dogs join in the game, I would much rather herd them.... Poor Boss Lady, she's been tryin' for months now to get me interested in fetch...silly human.

And the other big thing I have to tell you is the sky 'sploded tonight! The Boss Lady said they were "fye-er-werks" or something like that. I thought they were just plain annoyin' at first...but then I realized they were a GOOD thing. See, the Boss Lady had just given us our meals a little bit before the sky 'sploded and we hadn't gotten a chance to finish them yet. Once the sky started 'splodin' Dublin and Limerick got scared and ran up onto the porch to beg the Boss Lady to let them in.


Silly dogs! The Boss Lady quickly let them in and then she called for me. Ha! I wasn't scared at ALL. I was using my head and took the opportunity to run over and finish off Dublin and Limerick's food. So the sky was 'sploding...no big deal. I had much more important things on my mind.

~Breckin the Brilliant

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lessons Learned

The Boss Lady recently had a birf-day and her family came over to help her celebrate. Part of her family includes little kids.

(First lesson learned: Unlike what I originally thought, these kids are NOT baby goats. I was a little bummed by that.)

I decided to give these kids a chance. After everyone was in, settled and Dublin had already greeted everyone, the Boss Lady let me out of my crate. I went runnin' right up to the first little kid...and sat. This seemed to startle her a bit and she just stared at me. Evidently she didn't know that when I sit, she's supposed to give me a treat. So I stood up and very dramatically sat again.

Still nothin'.

I was not deterred, however, and moved on the the next kid. I ran up and sat in front of her and got a "oh, how handsome" and a pat on the head. That was nice and all, but I would have preferred the treat.

(Second lesson learned: Kids have not been fully trained in the art of treat-givin' and need more trainin'. Maybe a clicker would help.)

So I took my show on the road and went through all of the other people there, one by one. I got lots more compliments and a few chest rubs (I like those much better than pats on the head). I circled around in front of the first little kid again and thought I would give her another shot. To my delight, she produced a treat for me this time. We spent a bunch more time together and the little kid seemed to be gettin' the whole treat concept now. I hope the Boss Lady appreciates the time I took to train the little kid!

(Third lesson learned: Little kids aren't all that coordinated at handlin' treats and often drop extras on the floor. Bonus!)

~Breckin, Kid-trainer Extraordinaire