Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow!!

Wow, it's been crazy around here as the Boss Lady gets ready for the "Howl-a-dazes". Not sure what they are, but it has meant I've had a tough time getting a chance to log onto the computer. The Boss Lady has been on it a lot "tracking packages" to make sure they get here on time. Humans are so silly.

Anyway, I was really excited this past weekend because it snowed for 3 straight days! I love snow! I really wanted to go out and play in it, but the Boss Lady reminded me that I had a leg that still needed to heal.

I had to make due with snuggling with my snowman.
The Boss Lady kept telling me that Mr. Snowman wasn't a dog toy, but that he was a "de-kor-a-shun".

I love Mr. Snowman though, and the Boss Lady finally caved.

The Boss Lady must have been in the "Howl-a-day" spirit because she finally agreed to let me go outside for a bit. I was sooooo excited, but the Boss Lady told me that I couldn't run around at all. (There was so much snow that I couldn't have run if I tried!) Here I am getting my instructions:

Then the Boss Lady brought out our dinner. She feeds us a raw diet so that day we were getting some yummy chicken frames and turkey hearts.

Limerick takes his out to the back corner so no one tries to steal it.

Here I am being all stealthy and hiding under the cherry branch that last week's ice storm took down - they'll never see me here.

Dublin doesn't need to hide with his food though. The cats are the only ones brave enough to try to take the food from him and they aren't allowed outside. Well, the Boss Lady can easily take the food from any of us, but since she is the one who gave it to us in the first place, she usually doesn't need to take it back from us!

Here I am begging for more food:
"I finished all my food Boss Lady, can I have some more? I promise I won't tell Limerick...."

The Boss Lady wasn't falling for my puppy dog eyes though. In fact, she said it was time to come inside.
"Awww, can't I stay out a little bit longer? Pulllleeeease?"

Dublin and Limerick love the snow - so much so that the Boss Lady has a hard time getting them to come back into the house when it is snowing out. Dublin especially seems to develop "Sudden Hearing Loss" at these times.

"I hear nothing...."

Limerick was beside himself because he found his Frisbee even though there was a foot of snow on top of it! He had been worried because he thought it was a goner until spring!

"Whaddya mean it's time to come in? Look what I just found!!!"

She finally corralled us and got us to come inside. Limerick and I were pretty tired and decided to take a nap.

Dublin informed us that he was "made of tougher stuff and didn't need a nap like you young'uns" so he spent the rest of day helping the Boss Lady (though I did see him sneak in a nap when he thought we didn't notice!)


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