Saturday, July 12, 2008

Holy Mackerel!

Yesterday we had a big treat...the Boss Lady came home from where ever she goes during the day - that place she calls her "job" whatever that means - and went into the garage and started banging around in the magic white box. The most delicious things come out of the magic box and today was no exception. It took her longer than normal to bring out our supper. The Boss Lady was banging and mumbling the whole time - something about 25 pounds of mackerel being frozen together in a block of ice. I wasn't sure what a "mackerel" was, but it sure sounded like it put up a big fight.

Dublin and Limerick obviously knew what was in store though, because they sat at the garage door, drooling the whole time. It was undignified.

When the Boss Lady appeared again - she evidently won the fight, but honestly, I wasn't sure she would from the sounds of things - she tossed us each the most magnificent treat. We each got one of the mackerel! They are delicious! Just the thing to hit the spot on a hot day.

I sat licking mine for a while, just enjoying the coolness. This was a miscalculation on my part, however, because the Bottomless Pit, aka Limerick, finished his and came looking to steal mine! Can you believe it? The nerve of him.

I was having nothing of it - I gave him my fiercest stare and lifted my lip - but he came closer. Then I let loose my fiercest growl, but the little juvenile delinquent walked right up to me and stole my mackerel!

That was it. I decided to teach him who was boss! I stood up and walked over to him while he was eating MY mackerel...and started barking for the Boss Lady. That'd fix 'im.

The Boss Lady came out of the garage where she had been continuing the struggle in the magic white box, and immediately saw what the problem was. She walked toward Limerick and the little scoundrel knew the game was up. He left my fish and walked away. I swooped in and rescued my dinner and promptly started to eat it. I wasn't going to give Limerick a chance to steal it again!

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