Tuesday, July 22, 2008

You make one tiny mistake...

For all you dogs out there who have the misfortune of living with cats that are...um..shall we say, "less than tolerant" of dogs, have you ever wondered how those cats get so deadly accurate with their claws?

Well, my friends, the mystery has been solved! Evidently cats start their training at a young age by attending fighting camps!

What were you doing as a young pup? Bet you weren't doing anything more challenging than chasing your tail, were you? Now, don't be embarrassed - I wasn't doing anything more challenging either.

No wonder we are at such a disadvantage when it comes to avoiding those left hooks! They may look cute and fluffy but they are trained feline weapon machines!

Hmmm...if they are running boxing camps, maybe we should start our own "bob and weave" camps so we'd have a fighting chance....

The good dog...with a slightly sore nose because she didn't see the cat when she poked her nose under the couch...

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