Friday, January 30, 2009


Hiya! I'm Breckin and I am the Boss Lady's new foster dog. I'm what ya call a rough-coated, tri-colored border collie with lots of FRECKLES! Matter of fact, my name even means freckled!

Anyway, I've been doin' a lot of learnin' these last few weeks. First, I had to learn to play nice with other dogs - I was used to being a bit of a punk because that's what worked in my old pack, but my new foster brothers (Dublin and Limerick) said that kind of stuff wasn't gonna fly here. Limerick informed me that HE was the only punk allowed at the Boss Lady's place.

Then I had to learn that everythin' doesn't belong to me, includin' the Boss Lady. That kinda went along with not being a punk. So I've got that figured out now and I only grumble if another dog (aka Limerick) tries to take my food right out of my mouth. Other than that I don't mind if they are near me when I am eatin'.

I also got "new-turred" though I don't remember it so I am not sure what exactly it was. The Boss Lady said it sure helped me to learn how not to be a punk though, so I guess it is a good thing....

I'm still workin' on learnin' some new skills, like how to walk well on a leash and how to not eat the the Boss Lady's cats.

Okay, gotta go


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