Sunday, February 8, 2009


So, after a few weeks hangin' with the Boss Lady and her crew, Limerick and I finally reached some sort of understandin': I must never, ever, EVER touch his coveted, torn-in-half-and-hanging-together-by-a-thread, barely-able-to-fly, green frisbee and he will deign to acknowledge my existence every once in a while. We even went so far as to play a game of wresting/bitey-face/zoomies yesterday! It was fun! And Dublin was okay with it, too, even though he didn't play with us. I know he was okay with it because he carried on doing his own thing while we were wrestlin'. Normally, if he thinks we are fightin', Dublin breaks it up 'cause he doesn't like such shenanigans. He's a good big brother to Limerick (and honestly, sometimes I think Dublin is the only reason Limerick is still alive - sometimes Lim has less dog sense than me!)

After running around and playing outside for a few hours, the Boss Lady brought us inside and decided to drown me. I dunno why. She called it "taking a bath" and said I had to have one because I rolled on something really "vile" smellin' but I'm pretty sure she was tryin' to kill me. I stayed very still and she attacked me with water and soap but eventually she got tired of it and let me get back out of the tub. The only casualty of the attempted drownin' was my beautiful smell; now I smell just awful and "minty fresh". Humans sure do like disgustin' smells! I much prefer my previous odor of dead squirrel. Limerick and Dublin agreed with me, but they were laying low and just happy that they didn't have to get a bath.

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