Friday, February 27, 2009


So the Boss Lady says I've made a lot of "progress". Not sure exactly what "progress" is, but she seemed happy with me when she said it, so I am gonna assume that it is a good thing.

We've been playin' the clicker game every mornin' and evenin' and I think I have it down pat. So far I've learned how to sit at the Boss Lady's side, down, and we are still workin' on walkin' and the newest one "Leave It". The Boss Lady was especially proud of me when I did a "Leave It" when the kittenz came running through our training session. I got extra treats for that!

Speaking of kitties, I've been getting much better about not obsessin' over them anymore. I can even be loose in the house with them runnin' around. Still, I would probably do best with older cats that don't want to run all the time as I will try and chase the kitties when they run - but I am gettin' much better at that, too!

In other news, the kitties went to the vet this week to get "fixed". I didn't even know they were broken! (And I swear to you, dear readers, that I didn't break them!) They came back and Darwin seemed just fine, so I don't know what he had fixed. He was running around just like usual so it couldn't have been too bad.

Whatever Fossil had to get fixed must have been more involved though, because she came home wearin' one of these:

She was N.O.T. P.L.E.A.S.E.D.

She kept bangin' into things and was generally not in a good mood for the 4 days she had to wear it. I stayed far out of her way!

~Breckin the not-so-brave

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