Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Loooooong overdue update

First - apologies for the delay in updates. The Boss Lady has been very busy and hasn't had as much time as I'd like to post updates for me.

So to recap the last few months.....I started going to this special vet office for swimming lessons. The Boss Lady calls it "Physical Therapy" but it usually involves at least some swimming. First I get my massage, complete with heat packs. I loooooove this part. Sometimes I even fall asleep and start snoring! Then they make me do my stretches - I am not as big a fan of that part. I have to stretch my legs way out and then pull them up against my stomach, repeat, repeat, repeat.... Sometimes we even dance with me up on my hind legs. (Truly, you humans are nuts!)

Then I get on the doggie treadmill and walk uphill with weights on my legs for a mile or so. Then I get in another treadmill with a big plastic box around it. Once I am shut in, they start to fill the box with water. I was not happy the first time they did this - I thought they had tricked me into getting a bath! And when the ground started moving I was even more surprised! But since I'm a smart guy, I figured it out pretty quickly. This is the "swimming" part...I even kind of like it now.

After all that is done, I get to have ice packs applied on my legs which feels really good at that point. All of this is supposed to help me get stronger in my back legs.

Evidently it worked, because just when I was finally running around really well on my right leg, the Boss Lady took me back to the surgeon and had them operate on my left leg. I was not happy about this - but the Boss Lady told me it would be for the best in the long run. So I had to start the whole silly process all over again. I had my second surgery in the beginning of October. I was stuck wearing a stupid floppy blue cone for waaaay too long. The humans kept calling me Petunia for some crazy reason. I didn't care what they called me as long as they would play fetch with me....which they did eventually, rolling the ball a few inches at a time. (I'd have liked to post a couple of pictures of me looking pathetic in my blue floppy cone so I could get your sympathy, but for some reason, Blogger isn't allowing me to upload any pictures....)

Anyway, back to the update...
I've been getting daily physical therapy from the Boss Lady and twice weekly physical therapy at the vets, so I've been doing really well. I might even be able to go to my new home in a month or two. I'm gonna miss the Boss Lady, but I am looking forward to having a "Forever Home". I know the Boss Lady will pick a good home for me. I sure hope they know how to play fetch though.....that's the only thing I am worried about.

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